Government Pushing Through "Emergency" Surveillance Law

By Gary Cutlack on at

David Cameron has announced a plan to fast-track a new bit of surveillance law through parliament, pushing the Data Retention and Investigation Powers Bill into being without the usual debating process. Opponents say it's a stitch-up, Cameron claims it's to help battle "criminals and terrorists targeting the UK."

The need for the new law is apparently due to the EU. The European Court of Justice declared the UK's current laws on monitoring and retaining our phone calls and internet use were invalid, meaning a new set of rules need to be stuffed into place so The Man can continue see how many times you've listlessly reloaded the same three websites today.

Cameron says no new surveillance practises are included in the rules covering phone calls, which allow only the date and time of voice calls and who they were made to to be recorded -- not the interception and listening to of chats themselves. [BBC]

Image credit: Surveillance from Shutterstock