Overwhelming Majority Vote Passes Emergency Data Collection Law at House of Commons

By Gerald Lynch on at

Last week's proposed emergency data collection laws have been passed through by the House of Commons, with MPs voting 449 to 33 in favour of the move.

The Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Bill will require companies both online and offline to keep 12 month's worth of records of "who contacted whom and when". This would allow security services to monitor emails and calls, but would require a warrant to be signed off by a secretary of state before any investigation could be carried out.

Backbenchers have complained at the speed with which the law has been rushed through and that it confuses existing communications regulations, but Home Secretary Theresa May has stressed that the bill was essential to uphold national security following a European Court of Justice ruling in April.

The Bill will now be passed on to the House of Lords, with ministers pushing to have Royal Assent for the new laws before the week is out.

Image Credit: Hacker writing on a laptop and data safety from Shutterstock.com