Rumour: A Windows Phone HTC One is in the Works

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Windows Phone fans may well be in for a treat. WP Central claims that a Windows-powered version of the wonderful 2014 HTC One is headed to the US network Verizon this August. Will a similar variant come to UK networks too?

The report claims that a "One (M8) for Windows"—snappy name, that—will be available from the network as of August 21st. Verge claimed at the weekend that HTC was testing a Windows Phone version of the One, and the new report claims that the new handset will be identical to the current phone, save for the new OS.

If this is all accurate, it's likely that the phone would ship with the recently released Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1. There's no official confirmation from Microsoft, HTC or Verizon that this is happening yet, but WP Central claims that Microsoft Stores are ready to take stock of the device and that the One M8 with Windows will be available in silver on Verizon. Let's wait see. [WP Central via Engadget]