Star Wars VII Plot Spoilers May Reveal Opening Scenes and Story Arc

By Gary Cutlack on at

Don't read this if you're 43-years-old and these new films mean more to you than the health of your children. It may be lies, but it may, just may, be the plot of the forthcoming Star Wars: Episode VII.

According to sources quoted by Badass Digest, the next proper Star Wars film will open with the chopped-off, lightsabre-holding hand of Luke Skywalker. It falls down to a planet (somehow avoiding burning up on re-entry) where it's found by a couple of kids. There begins the quest to return hand and weapon to their owner, in which Han and Chewie pop up to advise on how to find Luke.

The plot leak also suggests the old super-weapon menace is being used again, this time with the dark side of the force assembling something powerful enough to wipe out a whole solar system. So they say, anyway, with the film's structure said to purposefully echo the arc of the 1977 original. [Badass Digest via Guardian]