A Genuinely Smart Watch That Puts a Hands-Free Torch on Your Wrist

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Nearly every non-mechanical watch comes with a light of some sort letting you read the time in the dark, but SureFire's 2211 Luminox WristLight is the first to come with a built-in light that can illuminate an entire room in the middle of the night.

A Genuinely Smart Watch That Puts a Hands-Free Flashlight On Your Wrist

Specifically designed for law enforcement, the military, and emergency response personnel, the watch features a compact rechargeable battery and a high-intensity LED bulb capable of putting out 300 lumens at full power. That blinding glare will drain the watch's battery in just one hour, so less intense 60 and 15 lumen modes are also available that keep the LED glowing for as long as 13 hours before the battery needs a charge.

Made from lightweight aerospace aluminium, the SureFire 221 Luminox WristLight also tells the time using a separate battery so that it keeps on ticking even when the torch is dead. And the watch's self illuminating dial means that even when you can't get to a USB port to recharge the torch, you'll always have at least a faint glow for telling the time. [Surefire via Uncrate]