A See-Through Glass Pot That Definitely Boils While You Watch It

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Designed by Massimo Castagna and made in Italy, this gorgeous all-glass pot defies the saying "a watched pot never boils" because it encourages chefs to stare in awe at whatever they're preparing for dinner, while it cooks.

Made from dense borosilicate glass instead of opaque stainless steel, the $270 (£161, including shipping) transparent pot has been tempered so that it can withstand high temperatures and the flames from a stove's burner. There's no indication it performs any less than its metal counterparts, and besides being dishwasher safe, the glass pot is also non-porous so it won't pick up flavours from past meals. You'll just want to be really, really, really careful about dropping it. [MoMA Store]