And the Best Beer in Britain Is...

By Gerald Lynch on at

Ruddy-faced beer connoisseurs at the 2014 Great British Beer Festival in London have been downing pints for the greater good (ahem) and have decided upon which brew is to be crowned Britain's best.

Timothy Taylor's Boltmaker, brewed in Keighley, was this year's winner, with the tipple beating out the Oakham beer and Solopian in the overall winner's category.

"We work very hard to produce great beers and we really believe this is the best beer we can brew, so to have it acknowledged in such an important competition is absolutely fantastic," said Timothy Taylor head brewer Peter Eells.

Head brewer at the brewery responsible for Britain's best beer? Now that's got to be a satisfying job.

Image Credit: Beer bubbles in the high magnification and close up (modified) from Shutterstock