Factory Reset Flaw May Expose Tesco's Hudl and Other Android Devices

By Gary Cutlack on at

A known problem with the way modern things delete data has been exploited in a new way, with a security researcher claiming to be able to access the details of a previous Hudl owner within minutes.

The problem comes via a bug in the Hudl's Rockchip processor. with Ken Munro, from security firm Pen Test Partners, claiming that "a flaw in the firmware" of the Hudl's chipset means a tool can be used to read from the tablet's memory even once a factory reset has been applied.

Unlock PINs, internet cookies, Wi-Fi keys and browser login data was accessible through this method, and although this approach to salvaging supposedly deleted data is nothing new, the way it can be done in a few minutes on one of the most popular tablets on sale in the UK today is a bit of a worry. [BBC]