Fresh-Faced Luke Skywalker is "Contractually-Obligated" to Grow a Beard for Star Wars VII

By Gerald Lynch on at

It's not all lightsabers and starships on the set of Star Wars: Episode VII -- there's also a fair amount of "contractually-obligated" facial hair grooming going on too. Mark "Luke Skywalker" Hamill's son Nathan posted the right half of the above picture to his blog, showing pops sporting a greying beard that old Obi-Wan would have been proud of, on the set of the new film.

"It’s really about the new generation of characters," Hamill told the BBC during a recent interview. "We’re just there to lend our support, and grow contractually obligated beards." Of course, that whole contracted facial fluff thing might be a joke, but with the new films presumably about the old generation of Rebels passing the torch over to fresh-faced young upstarts, there's nothing that says "old fogey" like a grey-flecked beard. I wouldn't be surprised if Hamill really doesn't have a say in the matter.

Shooting for Star Wars: Episode VII has recently resumed following a two week break, which was the result of Harrison "Han Solo" Ford being injured on set. Apparently, ironically, his leg had been crushed by a falling Millennium Falcon door. Reckon they put him in one of these things? [Nathan Hamill, BBC]