Guardians of the Galaxy May Have Just Given Howard the Duck a Comeback Chance

By Adam Clark Estes on at

Most people probably remember Howard the Duck from the 1986 film of the same name. It's a famously terrible movie that did not do well at the box office and scared the pants off of many '80s children (including this blogger). He may be about to make a comeback. [SPOILERS AHEAD]

Whereas the Marvel comic book version of Howard sort of resembled a misbehaved Donald Duck, the movie version sort of looks like a feathered Macaulay Culkin with a beak and penchant for smoking cigars. It is freaky. [OKAY HERE COMES THAT SPOILER]

And now, apparently, he's making a comeback with with a Guardians of the Galaxy post-credits cameo:

Just because a movie bombs at the box office and made critics barf doesn't mean that you shouldn't watch it, however. It'll make your Guardians of the Galaxy experience a little more entertaining, too, because you get to see how a bad idea in the '80s can become a bad ass duck in 2014.