HP's Luxury Smartwatch Looks Absolutely Stunning

By Jamie Condliffe on at

If you thought the Moto 360 was beautiful, brace yourself for HP's luxury smartwatch. This thing is just drop-dead gorgeous.

Due to be released this autumn, the watch's looks come courtesy of American designer Michael Bastian while HP provides the guts. The 44-millimetre stainless steel case features inlaid button controls, distinctive bezel bolts, a lit chronograph, and it all comes with interchangeable straps.

The device is said to be compatible with bothiOS and Android devices, and come with its own app for tweaking the way it pairs with your phone and looks on you your wrist. The watch's feature list will apparently include notifications for email, text and calls, as well as controls for music and other apps.

There's absolutely no word yet on pricing—but it looks like it could be really quite expensive. [Gilt via Hypebeast via Engadget]