HTC Will Now Make Apps for Android Phones Other Than its Own, Too

By Gerald Lynch on at

What with the long-standing Sense UI and recent wave of camera applications for the HTC One M8 devices, HTC's handsets have long had a unique feel to them. That feeling may be a little watered down in the future though, as the company is now set to make apps for other device manufacturers too.

The company has formed the HTC Creative Labs division, which will focus on making manufacturer-agnostic software for Android phones. The first fruit of the team will be the Zoe app, already available to HTC phones since the first HTC One, letting users create and share highlight reels from up to 16 photos or videos, along with soundtracks. Set to release later this week, it seems as though HTC eventually envisions the app being some sort of Vine competitor, though its Android 4.4 requirement may limit its reach somewhat. [Recode]