Manchester United Banning Tablets at Old Trafford Stadium

By Gerald Lynch on at

Hoping to get a nice shot of Rooney smashing a home-tie winner into the back of the net at Old Trafford? Well you'd better bring your camera then, rather than your iPad. Manchester United has announced that tablets are to be banned at its stadium.

Laptops too are also prohibited in a new security crackdown that mirrors updated airport security. In a statement, the club says that it is "reacting to the latest security intelligence", which will see any electronic device that exceeds 150mm x 100mm banned from the ground. Showing their ubiquity, the Manchester United statement makes explicit reference to iPads and iPad Minis.

For all the faff surrounding the new security guidelines that are rolling out, this I feel is at least a silver lining of sorts. Anyone that's been at any public event and had to stand behind someone wielding a tablet as a camera alternative will know how bloody annoying they can be as they obscure your view. Here's hoping similar guidelines are introduced at gig venues too. []

Image Credit: Old Trafford Stadium from Shutterstock