New Star Wars VII Plot Spoilers Suggest [Spoilers]

By Gary Cutlack on at

A new set of rumours regarding the plot of 2015's blockbuster return to the far-away Star Wars universe have appeared, with moles, or people pretending to be moles, claiming to know all about who the bad people with the black clothes and angry background music will be.

According to Latino Review, the film will see the bad guys from animated seriesĀ Star Wars: Rebels upgraded to full enemy status, with the Inquisitors taking on the part of the film's major antagonists. Some flashback stuff is mentioned too, in which Luke Skywalker claims these Inquisitors were working for Darth Vader, and we see a young Leia, played by Carrie Fisher's real-world daughter, progressing the storyline. Which all sounds a bit silly.

On the plus side, Sylvester Stallone has said he's not going to be in it. Not that anyone ever said he was. [Collider via Total Film]