Rumour: iPhone 6 to Have NFC and Beats Headphones Optimisations but No Sapphire Display

By Gerald Lynch on at

We've got a pretty good idea now of when it's coming, and the remaining few pieces of the iPhone 6 puzzle are beginning to click into place. VentureBeat has spoken to a "source with knowledge of" Apple's plans (yep, that old chestnut), and have revealed some interesting new additions to grind through the rumour mill.

Firstly, the source states that the long-rumoured addition of NFC support will come to the iPhone 6. Made by NXP, the chip will allow for contactless mobile payments, paving the way for Apple's oft-teased payments system.

It's no secret that the A8 chip will land in this year's iPhone, but the source divulges some clock speed info too, stating that each A8 core will run at 2.0GHz, up from the 1.3GHz core speed of the iPhone 5. A new modem from Qualcomm, supporting 300Mb/s CAT 6 LTE will also feature, at least in the US.

Though the iPhone 6 screen will be tougher than its predecessors, it won't be using the hard-as-nails Sapphire, claims the source. However, it will be tougher than Gorilla Glass, though the material in question is not disclosed.

Finally, Apple's recent acquisition of the Beats headphone brand looks set to offer some kind of exclusive functionality for the newest iPhone. A "handshake" between Beats headphones and an iPhone, using the Lightning connector, is rumoured for inclusion. What exact benefit this has isn't specified.

As for launch timings, expect to see the 4.7-inch edition launch first, hitting stores in mid-September, with the larger 5.5-inch model following "several weeks or even a month later." [VentureBeat]