Speedo's Crazy Nemesis Fins Borrow Their Design From Humpback Whales

By Andrew Liszewski on at

When you're designing a product that helps someone race through the water, it only makes sense to draw your inspiration from the ocean's resident experts. So you might be surprised to hear that Speedo closely based the design for its new Nemesis fins on humpback whales instead of sharks or dolphins. Either way, it's a good thing Mother Nature doesn't hold any patents.

Speedo's Crazy Nemesis Fins Borrow Their Design From Humpback Whales

There's not a lot of specifics on how the hydrodynamics work, but Speedo claims the lines of ridges and holes on the Nemesis fins helps them displace more water as a swimmer kicks than with a traditional fin design, which results in more propulsion with less effort. And if they're good enough for propelling one of the largest creatures on the planet, there must be some sound natural engineering behind that unique design.

The fins are also made from EVA foam instead of rubber, so they'll float to the surface if they accidentally fall off, instead of sinking to the depths of the ocean. As an added bonus, you can pretend that's a blowhole up top.

They are slated to sell for $40 in the US, where they are confirmed for release. If the Nemesis Fins to find their way over to our UK shores, that would translate to around £24. If they don't sell in our stores, there's always a way around that. [Speedo via Outside Online]

Photo by Wikimedia