Stupid Press Release of the Day Answers Your "But How Can I Continue Coding at Old Trafford?" Burning Question

By Gerald Lynch on at

We don't like to have a dig at agencies sending ridiculous press releases out to us -- it's a tough job when a client is pushing you to get coverage for one of its products by any means necessary. Tying in to a current events story is usually a reasonable way of bringing attention to a client looking for exposure, but this is one of the most spurious of correlations between news event and product being pitched that we've seen. The release (and unintentional hilarity) follows below, with bold emphasis our own.

With Manchester United announcing that football fans can no longer bring laptops and tablets into their ground (,
many techy football fans have been left wondering how they can write code whilst at Old Trafford.

The answer, is to use a free and effective screen-sharing application to control your desktop computer from your smartphone.

RealVNC, the pioneers of VNC screen sharing-technology have a number of applications for android and iOS devices which allow users to securely view and control their computers from anywhere with an internet connection, and they are all totally free and available for download from the relevant app stores (links below).

-- Apple App Store
-- Google Play Store

If you would like more information on either of these apps, or if you would like to speak to RealVNC please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Rooney's Chromebook will be gathering dust then.

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