The Apple Magic Mouse of the Future May Wirelessly Charge

By Gerald Lynch on at

Apple's low-powered peripherals such as its Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad and keyboards could in the future be charged wirelessly, if one of the company's patents bears fruit.

The patent, filed in 2012, details how Apple could use near field magnetic resonance (NFMR) to send small amounts of electricity from a computer, laptop or tablet in a metre-wide radius. Sending power from this central unit, compatible peripherals in the vicinity would be able to remain permanently charged, without the need for replaceable batteries.

According to the patent, a dongle device could achieve similar results, allowing older devices compatibility with the wireless standard too. It all sounds pretty smart -- unlike standard wireless charging systems, Apple's patent seems to require no contact between devices in order for the power to transfer. Though spilling a drink near your computer may have even more shocking consequences than usual. [ZDnet via TechRadar]