The Galaxy Note 4 Might Come With an Ultrasonic Case for the Visually Impaired

By Tom Pritchard on at

Rumours about the Galaxy Note 4's features have been flying around for a while but if the latest one is true, then it might actually benefit a number of people. According to the folks at SamMobile, Samsung is planning on releasing an ultrasonic case for the Galaxy Note 4 to help visually impaired people get around.

The case will work by using soundwaves to detect nearby objects so it can warn its user and prevent them from walking into anything. But, according to what SamMobile claims is the product description, the case shouldn't be used as a substitute for a cane, guide dog, or human guide, especially since it can't detect sudden drops -- like stairs, or the edge of the pavement.

It's a bit of a strange move considering a smartphone's featureless screen isn't exactly blind-user-friendly. Then again I suppose the fact that Samsung is acknowledging this section of the public as potential customers is something. [SamMobile via BGR]

Featured image: Samsung Galaxy Advanced and Ultrasonic Cover from BGR