The "Right to be Forgotten" Will Soon Hide a Link to Wikipedia

By Tom Pritchard on at

We all know about the "right to be forgotten", the controversial EU court ruling that allows people to request that search engines do not display certain links. Well it was been revealed yesterday that one link that will be removed is a link to Wikipedia.

At this point in time we don't know which page it will be, and who is requesting it, just that links to the page will disappear from searches within the next few days. Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales, who has already condemned the ruling, told The Observer that "it's insane and it needs to be fixed".

Wales also happens to be a member of a 10-person advisory council formed by Google to advise it, and other search engines, on how to implement the new law. The council's first meeting is set to take place on 9th September.

I can see why some people might want out-of-date information removed from internet searches, but isn't removing links to Wikipedia taking things one step too far? Why not just try and edit the page in question if it's that important to you? [The Guardian]