The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

It can be bizarre watching old TV shows, even stuff from the late '90s that isn't, for all intents and purposes, actually old. Or at least it doesn't feel that way. I specifically mean early episodes of Stargate: SG-1 when I heard them talking about paging the doctor. Then it struck me that this show was first broadcast in 1997, making it 17 years old. I'm actually struggling to process that information, so I got down to something I could process, the apps list.

iPhone Apps

Next Deadline: An app that lets you manage and prioritise what projects you are currently involved in. Since the app knows about each project and when the deadline is, it can order them respectively, so that you know what you should be working on at any given time. [Free]


Tasklinks: If organisation is something you severely lack, it makes sense to utilise technology to help you out. Tasklinks will organise your emails, tasks, events, contacts, and files into easy-to-manage projects. It's laid out in three groups: inbox, calendar, and projects, so that you know can organise yourself effectively. [£0.69]

PopCarte: An app that lets you create and send your own personalised postcards right there on your iPad. It's simple, it's quick, what more could you want? The new update allows the creation of new 15x15cm cards to show off your photos. [Free]

OOLOO: Computers don't always understand what you're looking for, which can be a hassle if you need to find something quickly. OOLOO, on the other hand, is a search service staffed by people 24/7 to bring a human touch to your search. Whether you're looking for reasons why your computer fan is making a funny noise, or simply for new ways to cook chicken, they're on hand to help you out. [Free]

Vamos - The Event Guide: A comprehensive way to search for events that are happening near you, wherever you are. Not only can you find them, you can also buy tickets and snag yourself a place on guest-lists right there in the app. This is an update that, aside from minor bug fixes, prompts you to search other nearby cities if there isn't anything in your area. [Free]

iPad Apps

Hanx Writer: Do you just wish you could use the far-superior writing implement that is the typewriter but without having to deal with things like slow typing and only having a single physical copy? You could buy one of those USB typewriter stands for your iPad, but you're still stuck with the problem of slow typing. Instead you should try out Hanx Writer, which gives you the illusion of using a typewriter, but with same speed and precision you get from typing on the iPad's screen. Though, admittedly, it would be much faster (and easier) if you just used a keyboard. [Free]

Neybers: An interior design app that allows you to decorate rooms with real items from real designers. Through the app you'll be able to create custom room templates that lets you decorate your own rooms, whether its your dream home, a photo shoot, or just to tell a story, it's a great way to flex your creative muscles.  [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Patatap: This is a portable animation and sound kit that responds to the users touch to create a show of sounds, shapes, and colours. It sounds strange, but it's actually quite a lot of fun. There isn't much more to it than that, but there is a free desktop version if you don't have an iOS device, or you want to try it out before paying. [£0.69]

Disney Animated: This one lets you see a bit of the work that goes into making your favourite animated Disney films, with things like how the visual effects works, and what concept art the production went through in the early stages of production. We have a new animated Disney movie coming out in the form of Big Hero 6, so this has had an update to a whole host of new content related to the film. [£2.99]

House Trip: House Trip is a service that lets you rent holiday homes across the world, to save you from having to fork out money for a hotel. Think of it as AirBnB for holidays. This is the companion app, that not only lets you manage your bookings, but also lets you get to see what's going on around you when you go away. [Free]

Android Apps

Headlinr: Finding news can be tricky, and while many apps tend to create personalised feeds for individual users, it doesn't exactly expand your horizons much. Headlinr is simplistic and helps you find something that interests you. All it does is presents you with random headlines from across the web. Like the sound of it? Click it. If you don't, just ask for a new one until you come across something good. [Free]

TapPath: An app that can be used to customise what happens when you click a link on your phone. A single tap may open a web browser, a double click might send it to Pocket, and a triple click might send it to another device via Pushbullet. It's all up to you, but no longer do you have to fiddle with menus to do something with a link. [£0.59]

Pocket Lock: An app that intelligently locks and unlocks your phone for you. There are three modes: proximity, gravity, and a combination of the two. Proximity allows you to unlock and lock your phone with a wave of your hand, gravity can lock your phone by turning it face down, and proximity+gravity mixes the two. One of the great things is that this app can sense when you're taking it out of your pocket and will unlock it ready to use. [Free]

Unclouded: This is a handy little tool that lets you analyse your cloud storage and clean it up. Whether it's finding duplicate files, seeing what's taking up the storage, or simply searching through them, if you use cloud storage a lot this is an app you really need. It's  only compatible with Dropbox and Google Drive for now, so if you use anything else you're out of luck. [Free]

Reddit Caster: Have you ever been surfing Reddit on your phone and found a bunch of stuff you want to share with everyone around you? Passing around your phone to every single person is a massive pain, so why not throw them up on your TV? Simply choose a subreddit and the images will pop up on your TV as a slideshow for everyone to see. [£0.58]

Windows Phone Apps

Best Daily Apps: Finding all the best apps yourself is no mean feat, especially with the sheer amount of stuff that gets uploaded. Best Daily Apps will find the the best apps in the app store and display them for you on a daily basis. You'll also be able to find apps that are free for a limited time, saving you your precious cash. [Free]

Swarm: Foursquare's latest app that has made it to Windows Phone, Swarm is a way of finding out which of your friends are nearby andseeing who wants to hang out. It's now even easier to message your nearby friends, and check-in at the locations you visit. [Free]

Timberman: A classic arcade-style game where you take the role of a lumberjack cutting down trees. The aim is, of course, to cut down the trees and avoid the falling branches from above. But you need to move a fast as you can to get a high-score before the timer runs out. [Free]

Frozen Hairstyle Tutorial: To say Frozen has a small following would be an understatement. If you, or anyone you know, has a mild obsession with Disney's most recent animated feature you might want to check this out. The app contains guides to learn the hairstyles from the movie and style your own hair. [Free]

UK Traffic: An app for finding a selection of traffic information for roads across the UK. Pulling the data from the Highways Agency website, the app will show you live traffic news and real-time traffic information for roads and motorways across the country. Especially useful if you frequently travel by road. [Free]