Twitter Might Start Attaching Promoted Media to Your Hashtags

By Pranav Dixit on at

Seriously, what's up with Twitter changing things up so much? Since last week, it's been stuffing our timelines with tweets from people we don't follow. And now, it might just use a hashtag in your tweet to attach promotional content to your message

A promotion for Selfie – a new TV comedy that premieres on September 30 in the US – reveals that Twitter's experimenting with prompting users to attach media that's related to a hashtag they use. For instance, if you type a tweet with the hashtag #SelfieABC, Twitter will suggest attaching the first episode in the series to your tweet.

To be fair, you still need to manually select "attach" to embed Twitter's suggestion into your tweet. And it only seems to work on the official Twitter app on iOS for now. But it is highly likely it's coming to other platforms soon. [ABC via Engadget]