Two London Bus Routes Now Have Free Wi-Fi

By Gerald Lynch on at

From contactless payment systems to empty seat-spotting camera systems, London's buses are quickly becoming one of the more technologically-capable forms of public transport in the country. Transport for London is keeping the momentum going today, equipping two Routemaster bus routes with free Wi-Fi connections for passengers.

Well, two individual buses on two separate bus routes, to be exact. One route 12 bus from Dulwich to Oxford Circus and one RV1 bus from Covent Garden to Tower Hill will now let passengers get online on the go without needing to use up their mobile data allowances.

Part of the "Year of the Bus" promotion that TfL has pushed over the past few months, the transport operator is hoping that the trial will encourage a sponsor to cough up the cash to equip the entire bus fleet with wireless hotspots.

Image credit: London bus from Shutterstock