Welshman Sets House on Fire Trying to Flamethrower a Spider

By Gary Cutlack on at

A man in Bridgend caused a fire in his house after fooling about with an aerosol can and a lighter in an attempt to wipe out a spider.

South Wales Fire and Rescue said of the event: "We attended an incident in Kenfig Hill at 11.57am today to extinguish a small fire at the rear of a property due to the occupant attempting to remove a spider from a rear window by initially spraying the insect with an aerosol and then proceeding to light it."

The spider was taken to a local insect hospital and is said to be in shock but likely to make a full recovery. The man is expected to kill himself in another exotic display of stupidity within the year. [Independent]

Image credit: Napalm from Shutterstock