Would You Pay EE a 50p Charge to Jump the Customer Service Call Queue?

By Gerald Lynch on at

Few things are more infuriating than the spritely stab of customer service call hold music. From muzak to crooners, there are times we'd do anything to jump the line to get our problems sorted out quickly, before the tinny whine of the looping tunes frazzles our brains.

It's something that network EE knows, and is looking to capitalise on. It's offering those caught in its customer service queue the option of paying a 50p charge to jump ahead of others waiting in the call line. So far the service has only been available to customers on pay monthly SIM-only plans, but with EE stating that such "small charges" could be used to invest in and improve upon its existing customer services offering, it's likely to eventually be offered to other customers too.

It's a loaded offering. On one hand, it's great -- if you've got a one-off problem that hastily needs fixing, it could be really useful to get ahead of others clogging up the lines, at a relatively low cost. But it also means that not all calls are treated equally now -- if you've a problem, but not the cash to skip ahead, your wait in line could become even longer. Also, if the problem you have is to do with a fault in EE's service and not a hiccup you've caused yourself, should you have to pay anything at all (on top of whatever your contract cost already is) to get your issue seen to promptly? It could be a very divisive move by the network, and one that sets a precedent that rivals could eventually follow. [BBC]

Image Credit: Depressed business man from Shutterstock