Disused Lift Tower Could Become Enormous Video Lava Lamp

By Gary Cutlack on at

This lovely old building is where they used to test lifts. Lifts have to be tested somewhere, and somewhere tall. But what do you do with a lift tower when the company that owned it no longer needs it? Put a massive screen on it and turn it into a lava lamp is one possible idea.

The 127m tower in Northampton could be wrapped in a 3,000sqm HD screen if current plans are allowed by the local council, with the owner of the tower looking at ways to turn it into part tourist attraction and part art space. It was illuminated during the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations back in 2012, with the plan being to take it to the next level with a permanent installation.

Here's how Northampton could become the shining beacon of the far reaches of the London commuter belt:

Ben Rogers, the official spokesman for the tower project, said: "Some of  the most popular destinations around the world are instantly recognisable by landmarks, often helping to feed the local economy. Everyone involved with this project believes that if put to the right uses, defined by the committee, the Tower can act as a powerful commercial beacon, supporting tourism, commerce and  communities alike in a powerful and creative way."

Those houses beneath it would apparently be free from light pollution, as the limited viewing angle of the screen means those living directly underneath would see nothing of the art going on above.  [National Lift Tower via BBC]