Has Apple Photoshopped the iPhone 6 Camera Bulge Out of Press Shots?

By Gerald Lynch on at

“In creating iPhone 6, we scrutinised every element and material. That’s how we arrived at a smooth, continuous form,” says Apple on its website.

Well, it's certainly scrutinised the iPhone 6 in Photoshop, at any rate. In order to get that "smooth, continuous form," it seems Apple has been hacking away at the press imagery for its new handsets in order to hide the fact that each device's camera module protrudes. It's not a massive bulge, but certainly isn't flush with the rest of the chassis as the iPhone 5S camera was. But, as the press shot above shows, the protruding camera is nowhere to be seen. It's a finding mirrored in any photo of the iPhone 6 shot in profile.

Apple's been being a bit tricky with the way it presents the iPhone 6 smartphones since they were first revealed last week. Even during the press conference, Apple used sneaky lighting tricks to make the phones seem notably thinner than in reality. It's a shame -- the phones are genuinely attractive, and this act is simply and needlessly misleading customers. If anything though, it highlights one thing -- you certainly CAN have a smartphone that's too slim, as a slightly thicker phone, able to house the camera more neatly, would surely offer the camera some added protection alongside any aesthetic benefits. [Apple, @garrettmurray]