Peanut Allergy? Dry Roasted is Worse Than Raw

By Gary Cutlack on at

Food killjoys have discovered that high temperatures used in the roasting process trigger chemical changes in peanuts that may make us less tolerant of the proteins inside, meaning the cooked options are more likely to trigger allergic reactions.

Researchers found that the immune systems of mice exposed to roasted peanuts reacted more strongly to the proteins, with raw nuts generating less of a kick. The research could help explain why us westerners with our salty cooked nut diets are more likely to experience nut allergies than the raw peanut fans of the east.

Oxford University's nut expert Dr Amin Moghaddam, said: "Allergies are driven by multiple factors including family genetic background and exposure to environmental triggers. In the case of peanut allergy, we think we may have discovered an environmental trigger in the way peanuts are processed by high-temperature roasting." [Independent]

Image credit: Peanuts from Shutterstock