This Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

Never underestimate the power of a good chair. It might not seem like much, but a terrible chair can play absolute havoc on your back, especially if you're sitting working at a desk all day. But enough about my problems, let's talk about something most people actually give a damn about: the apps.

iPhone Apps

Mashable: The official app for the news site that's all about the digital revolution. One of the big problems with reading on a device like a phone is that you have to keep tapping at the screen to navigate. Mashable doesn't do that: it stitches the previous screen at the bottom of your article. Plus its Velocity platform is capable of predicting when something is about to go viral, and notify you accordingly. [Free]

Reactr: Have you ever wanted to see how people react to the pictures you send them? Did they really "lol"? Or did they literally laugh their arse off? Well Reactr will snap their actual reaction and send it back to you. This is an updated version which has one brand-new feature: it'll let you send images anonymously. Just in case you feel you have to. [Free]

Apple Store: The Apple Store has an app, because apparently using Safari is far too much effort. Other than actually buying Apple products from the source, you can find out about events and workshops going on at Apple Stores across the world. You can even start shopping on your phone and finish on another device later on. [Free]

Mindie Music Video Maker: A handy little app that allows you to shoot a video and add music over the top of it. So you could be an intrepid amateur musician trying to make something cool, or you might just want to have fun. Whether you shoot your own video in-app, or from importing it from the camera roll, it's a nice easy way to do things. Plus you can share it with friends and add hashtags... for some reason. [Free]

Polamatic by Polaroid: The official photography app from Polaroid has just had a hefty update. In addition to the usual polaroid-esque snaps, the app now has brand-new image-editing settings, new film packs, an increase in output resolution, and even a store to buy film and border packs. [£0.69 -- with in-app purchases]

iPad Apps

Gumtree iPad: Ah Gumtree, the online classified site that isn't full of the same weirdos that everyone thinks populate Craigslist. You could be looking for a second-hand car, a place to live, or trying to get rid of those things. Now there is a dedicated iPad app, which you can use to browse the site on-the-go, but on a big screen. [Free]

Green Kitchen: Green Kitchen is an app that focuses on cooking meals that are organic, vegetarian, and containing as little dairy, gluten, and sugar as possible. That makes is great for various hippies, hipsters, and health-fad nuts. This version adds another six recipes to the existing 102. [£2.99]

Shapes - 3D Geometry Learning: A fantastic way to learn about all things shapes. Shapes is designed to make it fun and interesting for students to learn about geometry with 27 different 3D models. [£2.49]

Yahoo News Digest: This one is designed to make your news-reading experience easy and simple. Yahoo News Digest finds the best, and most important, news of the day, collecting it together in brief summaries and delivering it to you twice a day. It's now available on the iPad, as well as coming with new categories and customisation of the times you'll get your digests. [Free]

YPlan: Need something to do last minute? YPlan is a great way to get tickets to various goings on at short notice. There's comedy, music, drinking, and plenty of other stuff to choose from. This is an updated version which keeps a digital barcode in the app for easy scanning at the doors, and the bookings are now split up into multiple tickets. [Free]

Android Apps

Amazon: Good news for Android-toting subscribers of Amazon Instant Video, because you can now watch the on-demand service on your Android devices. So if you were irritated by the fact that the service was only available on iOS or Kindle (which is basically Android anyway) then the solution is here. [Free]

Hangouts Dialler: Google Voice? What's Google Voice? That's what people will be saying in a few years, because Hangouts has just made it redundant by offering VoIP calls. While you do need to have the app downloaded, you'll be able to make the calls from the regular Hangouts messenger app. For the three of you who actually used Google Voice, don't worry: Hangouts will use your existing Google Voice number. [Free]

Ask Me Anything - reddit AMA - screenshot

Ask Me Anything - Reddit AMA: The Reddit AMA has become a great way for various famous people to plug their products or campaigns, and the app is a way to keep track of them all – past or present. You can see which AMAs are trending, and the archives from the past. [Free]

Trinus Gyre Test - screenshot

Trinus Gyre Test: A great way to get the Oculus level of quality on mobile VR devices. Essentially you'll be streaming PC games to your mobile, and the free version will only work for up to 10 minutes meaning you can try it and make sure it all works before you spend anything. If you've wanted some great VR games without having to shell out a lot of cash, this is a great one to try out. [Free]

HomeTube - screenshot

HomeTube: Tablets are a great way to keep your kids entertained, but you don't want to give them unsupervised access to the horrors that the internet has to offer, especially YouTube with its cesspool of a comments section. HomeTube is an app that will let your kids surf YouTube, using only videos from a list of approved content that's set by you. [Free]

Windows Phone Apps

Round Tiles: Bored of the square tiles that plaster the Windows Phone home screen? Why not go for something more circular instead? You can choose the perfect circle, or the squares with the rounded corners. It's fairly basic, but maybe it's time to mix things up a bit. [Free]

Untapped: A social network for lovers of the glorious nectar of the gods: beer. With Untapped you can easily find your nearest craft beers and bars, see which beers are popular, as well as a personalised recommendation system that helps you find somewhere to drink.

Clique: An unofficial app for the website, a service that lets you find like-minded people with similar interests to you. With over 14,000 groups, with over 15 million members, it's a fantastic way to go out and make some new friends – and now you can do it on the go. [Free]

TU Go: Apple's Wi-Fi calling feature on the iPhone 6 has a lot of people very happy, but did you know O2 customers can do it as well? TU Go is O2's app that lets you use your phone on Wi-Fi the same way you would with a normal phone signal. You can send and receive both calls and texts over Wi-Fi, provided you're a pay-monthly customer. [Free]

Destiny Stats: An unofficial companion app for Bungie's latest sci-fi shooter, Destiny Stats will let you follow your progress throughout the game. Whether it's your gear, activities, kill/death ratio, or how long you've spent in game. Until something official comes along, then this will happily keep you going. [Free]