Euro 2016 Football Match Abandoned After Remote Controlled Drone Invades Pitch

By Matt Hill on at

Amazon may want to deliver your shopping with them, but footie fans-cum-political activists are already finding more questionable uses for those small and nimble flying machines.

A remote-controlled quadropter took centre stage at a fairly important Euro 2016 qualifying match in Belgrade's Partizan Stadium last night between Serbia and Albania, flying in a highly provocative "Greater Albania" flag to flare up any remaining Kosovo conflict tensions that may still be knocking about.

And when we say "may still be", we obviously mean "very much are", as Serbian defender Stefan Mitrovic demonstrated below in these screen grabs taken from The Guardian's video.

Spoiler: his ripping down of the flag sparks a protective insurgency from the Albania players, which in turn prompts a full-scale on-pitch brawl that gets really rather nasty. With chairs and everything.

Unsavoury stuff. Football's European body Uefa is now, somewhat inevitably, reviewing the match, so expect official legislation against drones in grounds sometime soon, if it doesn't exist already. Anything to avoid blaming the players or fans for anything, as is usually the way with Uefa. [The Guardian]