I Don't Remember Chewbacca Stopping Mr Incredible Beating Up Batgirl in the Films...

By Gerald Lynch on at

I think this is what's called a "crossover event" in the comic book world. In the real world, it's just an ugly brawl.

Costumed street performers on Hollywood's Walk of Fame were caught trying to split up a fight between a man dressed as Mr Incredible and a lady dressed as Batgirl. While the reason for the dispute remains unclear, it must have been a sight to behold, as Wally from the Where's Wally book series and Chewbacca step in to separate the feuding pair. Whatever happened, Mr Incredible is way out of line throwing that lady around. Seems the do-gooding suit had no influence on him.

He should take a leaf out of the usually-evil child murderer Freddy Krueger's book -- he looks positively docile here. [Sky News (YouTube)]