If it Was Up to Google, Android Wear Smartwatches Would Work with iPhone

By Gerald Lynch on at

An Android Wear smartwatch on your left wrist, an iPhone smartphone in your left hand, and never the two shall meet. The rivalry between Google and Apple means that both company's mobile operating systems and fledgling smartwatch plans remain (for the most part at least) incompatible. But, when it comes to Android Wear, Google is ready to extend an olive branch to Apple, and extend compatibility for its smartwatch platform to iPhone devices too.

"We always want as many users as possible to enjoy our experience, so in terms of enabling more people to use Android Wear we're very interested in making that happen," Android Wear product manager Jeff Chang told the Huffington Post.

But of course, Apple's not prepared to play ball, leaving the bricks of its "walled garden" ecosystem in tact. "It's not always completely up to us, right?" Chang added. "There are technical constraints, API constraints so we are trying really hard."

Despite Chang's open-palmed sentiments, its unlikely that Apple will ever open up the iPhone to Android Wear. While it sees the value in extending the App Store to third parties (Google's many services, for example, and Microsoft's Office apps spring to mind) with the launch of the Apple Watch expected in the first half of next year, the Cupertino company will want to give its new smartwatch hardware all the advantages that platform exclusivity brings with it. [Huffington Post]