If You're Going to Steal a Double Decker Bus for a Joyride, Set Your Destination Sights Higher Than Croydon

By Gerald Lynch on at

Police are on the hunt for a man who stole a double decker bus and took it on a seven mile joyride through Greater London's Croydon. Definitely wasn't an open-top tour bus then.

The man stole the bus around 9am during rush hour traffic from the Farnborough Hill depot in Orpington last Thursday. After cruising in his new wheels for a while, the joyrider dumped the bus on Shrublands Avenue in Shirley, scraping one of its walls and causing around £500 worth of damage to the vehicle.

In all seriousness, this was a pretty dangerous thing to do. Double decker busses are difficult vehicles to drive, and what would have happened if passengers had been onboard, or had been allowed to board? So it's important the authorities track the joyrider down. Caught on the bus's CCTV cameras, see if you can recognise the culprit below. [Independent]