LG's Next Smartphone Will Have its Own Processor Inside

By Chris Mills on at

One factor that's certainly helped in Samsung's near-domination of the Android market over the last few years is its use of Samsung-manufactured components in its vast range of Android handsets. You can therefore bet that the CEO won't be too happy to hear that LG is now manufacturing top-end silicon of its own.

LG's first chip uses ARM's big.LITTLE architecture, with four 1.5 GHz Cortex A15 processors for the heavy lifting, and four 1.2GHz A12 processors helping conserve battery when you're not churning out the Candy Crush levels. That octa-core layout isn't exactly revolutionary: it first found service in Samsung's Exynos 6-powered Galaxy S4 last year, but it's an impressive step straight up to the big boy's table for LG.

The chip is being put straight to use in the LG G3 Screen, which will be a 5.9-inch Android-based phablet with a 1080p IPS screen, 2 GB of RAM and KitKat 4.4. Release date is still TBA, but LG have said that it's designed "specifically for the Korean market", so it might take a little while to work its way to our shores. [LG]