Smart Glasses Footage Allows Bullied Man to Deliver DIY Justice

By Gerald Lynch on at

Clips recorded using a modified pair of sunglasses have enabled a man being bullied in the UK to carry out a private prosecution of his tormentor.

Much in the same way Google's Glass wearable (pictured above) allows its wearer to produce point-of-view video recordings, 20 year-old Haresh Mehta from Southampton was able to catch evidence of his bully's actions on a DIY headset he had built himself.

Despite the Crown Prosecution Service declining to take on the case (the advisory team of the defendant had asked it to do so), the CPS did consider the video evidence and, stating that the case was in the public interest and believing a conviction may occur, let the private lawyers of both defendant and prosecution take on the case.

Proving the strength of the smart glasses footage, the defendant eventually pleaded guilty and was sentenced to one day in custody or a £500 fine, of which he chose the custodial option. Welcome to the era of DIY justice. [Guardian]