The Worlds Beyond the Margins of These Classic Album Covers are Hilarious

By Gerald Lynch on at

So it was a giant rabbit chasing Blur's Parklife dogs all along! Or at least that's how the team at Aptitude imagine it went down. In this age of digital downloads, the magic (and, in some cases, the mystery) of album art has been lost -- you simply hit a buy button and the track's on your smartphone, computer or tablet. You're lucky if you see a one-inch square of album art at all while listening.

But not that long ago, an album's packaging was a great part of the experience, and something that bands and artists obsessed over for just as long as the music contained within. Aptitude has attempted to bring that sense of artistry back, with a humorous look beyond the margins of a handful of iconic album covers.

We've popped our favourites down below, but you can check out the full collection (including some spot-on Justin Bieber and Adele parodies) at the source. [Aptitude]