A Painting by Adolf Hitler Has Sold for More Than £100k

By Gerald Lynch on at

A watercolour thought to have been painted by Adolf Hitler has this weekend sold at an auction in Nuremberg, Germany for 130,000 Euros ($161,000, £103,000).

Made in 1914 and put on sale by two elderly sisters whose grandfather had bought the piece back in 1916, it depicts Munich's City hall. You can view the painting here. According to auction hose Weidler, the anonymous buyer hails from the Middle East, with bidders from four continents also expressing an interest.

Though art critics consider Hitler's paintings to be of poor quality, they still attract massive interest at auction, with previous collections fetching tens of (if not hundreds of thousands of) pounds at. Perhaps hidden somewhere in one of them is an insight as to what could possess a man to commit such horrors.

As a young man, Hitler had been an aspiring artist, and had applied to study at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. He was rejected. Oh, how history could have been so very different. [BBC]

Image Credit: Wikipedia (Modified)