Boris Says Drones Could Solve London's White Van Crunch

By Gary Cutlack on at

London's mayor is pushing for the tech companies to invest even more of their offshore cash piles in developing delivery drones, so they could free up some road space by reducing the number of delivery vans carrying our internet shopping home for us.

Johnson warned of an impending explosion in delivery vans in the capital, telling an audience at a tech event in Singapore: "We have a problem, folks -- all this internet shopping is leading to a massive increase in white van traffic dropping this stuff off -- 45% it’s going to go up in London in the next seven years. That’s going to be terrible for congestion in our city and doubtless the same will be true of Singapore as well."

He then outlined his dream for the future of online deliveries, saying: "I want to be controlling an app that enables my shopping not only to be click and collect... I want my own personal drone to come and drop it wherever I choose."

He didn't say he'd instantly rubber-stamp drone deliveries across the city if anyone came asking to do it, though. That might be a bit of a political hot potato. [Guardian]