Netflix's First UK Original Show Will be About the Queen

By Gerald Lynch on at

Netflix has just confirmed that it's working on its first original TV series from the UK. And (because we're clearly only good for cups of tea, Beatles songs and the royal family) it's naturally going to be all about the Queen.

To be fair, it doesn't sound half bad. Called The Crown, it's based on the well-received West End play The Audience, which examines the Queen's relationship with the rolling procession of Prime Ministers throughout her reign. The 10-episode series will debut in 2016.

While the cast has yet to be revealed, there will be some big names behind the camera -- Stephen Daldry of Billy Eliot and The Hours is directing, Peter Morgan (The Queen, Frost /Nixon) is writing and Andy Harries (The Queen) is producing. So quite the pedigree when it comes to successfully bringing the royals to the silver screen and, given Netflix's knack for commissioning high quality programming of its own, likely on track to do the same with this small screen adaptation. [Hollywood Reporter]