November's Essential Apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone

By Tom Pritchard on at

November's been a busy one hasn't it? Vape was declared word of the year, the NHS declared its plans to digitise your medical records, Microsoft is ditched the Nokia brand earlier than we anticipated, and Gerald managed to start a minor Twitter storm that is somehow still going on.

But like any other month, November brought along some spectacular apps for us all. Here are the best ones we covered.

iOS Apps

Qello Concerts: An app with one of the world's largest catalogues of music concerts that you can watch any time you like, on any screen. It's now fully optimised for iOS 8, which allows you to open albums in the iTunes store, alongside predictive searching and faster loading times. [Free -- with optional subscription]

Timista: Your free time is precious, and you want to make the most of it while you have it. That's why you should take Timista for a spin. Timista is a tool that lets you find events, restaurants, and other leisurely activities in real time so that you can make the most of your time off and do something enjoyable. It'll then plot them out so you can keep track of everything. Sadly it's only working in London at the moment, but if you're in the capital then you know how you're going to spend your weekend. [Free]

Translator Keyboard: Translation has never been easier. No more fuss of copying and pasting chunks of foreign text into a separate application. It's easy to swap between this and your normal keyboard, and with 44 different languages to translate to, and 32 languages to translate from, you've got a handy little tool. Now if only they could turn it into an ear implant... [£1.49]

Ringo: Ringo is the app that lets you make low-cost international calls to any phone in the world. Now it's been updated so that you can see what the local time is or your contacts as well as a more in-depth call history that shows your call duration and costs as soon as you've finished each call. [Free]

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Android Apps

Nokia Z Launcher Beta: A different way to use your Android device with the new launcher that's set to appear in Nokia's N1 tablet. The launcher learns how you use your phone so it can get you to your apps faster, while also letting you scribble letters on screen as a searching mechanism. [Free]

Mirror Beta: There's not much to this one since it does one of two things. First of all it records your device's screen and saves it as a video file, and secondly it lets you cast your screen to Chrome, Fire TV, Apple TV, or another Android device. The only issue is that if you don't have a device running Android Lollipop you will need to root it for the app to work. [Free]

Greenify: Apps are what makes having a smartphone worthwhile, because without them we might as well have a phone that only makes calls and texts. The problem is that some of these apps enjoy guzzling on power and memory more than others. Greenify identifies those apps and sticks them into hibernation mode when you're not using them. It's just been updated, it's got a UI inspired by Material Design and stability has been improved. Just one note, while it does work without, this app does work better on rooted devices. [Free]

Floatify: If you don't have Android Lollipop then you're missing out on a brand-new notification system, which is where Floatify comes in. Floatify will give you the Lollipop notification system that displays a head-up window from which you can interact with your notifications as and when they arrive. [Free]

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Windows Phone Apps

Wolfram Alpha: Wolfram Alpha is a service designed to let you find expert level knowledge easily and quickly. Using algorithms Wolfram Alpha scours the web for information that you need on subjects like maths, physics, data analysis, chemistry, units and measurements, and even the weather. Whereas Google will tell you how to figure something out, or will take you somewhere that lets you do it, Wolfram Alpha will actually work it out without you having to do anything more. [£1.99]

DuoLingo: Fancy teaching yourself a new language? It can cost a lot of money if you buy hefty software packages, but DuoLingo is totally free. You learn in bite-sized lessons, track your progress with achievements, and if you answer incorrectly you lose hearts. It's a bit like a game, except you get something useful to show for your success. [Free]

ReadAloud: Left your glasses at home again, did we? ReadAloud has you covered because it will read out webpages, files, and text that you enter in to the app. Handy, but sadly it can't be used to read out your emails or text messages. [Free]

Microsoft XIM: Ever wanted to show off your photos but don't feel comfortable handing your phone out to a group of people? XIM will let you share individual photos or sideshows with other people by casting the photos to their phones. Better yet, they don't even need the app installed for it to work. [Free]

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