O2 Will Strap a Samsung Gear S Contract to Your Wrist on Friday

By Matt Hill on at

Crazy, or endlessly wealthy, enough to pay £23 a month for a 3G data contract for your wrist? Well, Samsung's Super AMOLED-sporting Gear S smartwatch is out in the UK on O2 this Friday from just £9.99 upfront if you are.

The 100 minutes, 100 texts and 100MB of data the contract SIM provides is just one of a variety of tariffs O2 says it will offer exclusively to your wrist. It's also offering a trade-in scheme, so if you're casting off your Samsung Gear 2 already, it will hand your wrist £70 in part exchange, too.

Wristy business aside, that delay to the second week of November was clearly on the money, then. Well, if you consider Sunday the start of a new week, anyway. [O2]