Ofcom Shuffling Terrestrial TV Again to Make More Room for Mobile Data Waves

By Gary Cutlack on at

The regulator of all things to do with radio, TV and mobile transmission in the UK is set to free up more of the airwaves for mobile use, with the 700MHz part of the spectrum about to enter the mobile data market.

The change will come at the cost of some digital terrestrial bandwidth and niche PMSE local wireless networks, which will be shuffled off to other frequencies to make way for more room for you to stream Pointless on the train on your enormous telephone.

Don't go retuning your TV box just yet, mind, as the changes won't begin to kick in until 2019 -- and it'll be 2022 before the 700MHz range is used for any mobile traffic. By which time you'll be paying £77 a month for 500MB of 5G data on a mobile phone that straps directly to your face. [Ofcom]