Sex Pistols' John Lydon Says He "Wasted £10k on iPad Apps"

By Gerald Lynch on at

Today's unlikeliest victim of in-app purchase addiction? John "Johnny Rotten" Lydon of the Sex Pistols. Currently on a press tour to promote his third autobiographical work Anger is an Energy: My Life Uncensored, the punk singer told The Telegraph how the lure of gaming apps played to his "easy come, easy go" attitude towards his finances:

I wasted – you’re the first to know this – 10,000 fucking pounds in the last two years on apps on my iPad. I got into Game of Thrones, Game of War, Real Racing, and I just wanted to up the ante. And like an idiot I didn't check myself. I’ve been checked now. But there's a kid in me, see? A bit of my childhood was taken from me and I’m determined to bring it back.

Despite the confession, Lydon claims he's never regretted spending money on anything, and lists Bowers & Wilkins speakers as the best thing he's ever bought:

The only thing I’d really invest any money in is my record player, my sound system – transparent amps, they’re made in Canada by a company called Classé. They don’t add anything to the music so everything I play on it is exactly as it was recorded. I’ve always loved record players, from my parents’ Dansette onwards.


Image Credit: John Lydon (modified) from Shutterstock