This T9 Keyboard Puts Old School Texting on Your iPhone

By Kate Knibbs on at

Nowadays, you can put third-party keyboards on iOS 8, but back in Ye Olden Days of mobile phones (anything pre-Blackberry *shudder* *vomit*) there wasn't much choice when it came to tapping out texts. If you wanted to send a message, you used T9, a keyboard style where you'd press numbers on the dialpad until the right letter came up.

And now you can recreate the experience on your shiny new iPhone 6. An app called Type 9 will bring you back to the days when the coolest phone you could own was a Motorola Razr, and Kim Kardashian was just Paris Hilton's wardrobe organiser. A simpler time.

If you happened to be a wizard at T9 texting but failed to master the art of the iPhone keyboard or Swype and you just long for renewed competency in the art of SMS, this could be your new favourite thing. It's also good for huddling children around you at parties to explain what texting was like when you were there age. [iTunes via Ubergizmo via 9to5Mac]

Screenshot via Type 9