Three Will Now Deliver Your Phone the Same Day You Order It

By Gerald Lynch on at

That is, if you live in London. With the Christmas shopping rush kicking into gear, the network wants to make it as easy as possible for potential customers in the capital to jump onboard with this new same-day delivery services.

There are limitations beyond that "Londoners" stipulation too. Only certain postcodes will be served, and Three will only be carrying out same-day deliveries on the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5, its pricey wares. Add on expensive £15 same-day delivery charges and you're probably only going to want to use this if you've really messed up a Christmas present for a loved one and are in a last-minute panic. All orders will need to be completed between 7am and 3pm in order for them to be approved, too. If the service proves a hit, who knows; maybe Three will extend it to other devices and areas if there are enough lazy shoppers lying around. [Three]