Want to Live in The Godfather's Mansion? Make an Offer Estate Agents Can't Refuse

By Gerald Lynch on at

Got a mattress full of unmarked notes that you'd like to use to "invest" in some property? Don't mind moving to Staten Island, New York? Ready to show the right amount of respect to a piece of classic movie heritage? Then you'll be wanting to move into 110 Longfellow Avenue -- the silver-screen home of Don Corleone.

That's right -- the Godfather's pad is up for sale, described as an "enchanting English tudor" mansion. Built in 1930 and fully refurbished in 2012, it certainly sounds like a pad fit for a Mafia kingpin, complete with five bedrooms, seven bathrooms a gym and a games room. While the interior never featured in the film, the gardens of the 24,000 sq ft property did -- they acted as the backdrop for the classic wedding scene that The Godfather opens with.

Priced at $3 million (around £1.8 million), by London property price standards that's actually pretty reasonable; you're getting a mansion and a genuine piece of cinema history at the same time. Just brace yourself for the inevitable morning that a severed horse's head is left on the porch. [Guardian]