Watch This Inspiring Video From the Rolex Awards for Enterprise

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Rolex is celebrating extraordinary individuals brave enough to take on major challenges, through the Rolex Awards for Enterprise. Check out this video that accompanies this year's awards, and tell me it doesn't inspire you to be a better human being.

The nominees are 'Laureates' and 'Young Laureates' who pioneer work in the fields of applied technology, cultural heritage, environment, exploration and discovery, and science and health. Winners in the 'Laureate' category will win 100,000 francs each; the 'Young Laureates' 50,000 francs.

The awards have been running bi-annually since 1976, when they were inaugurated to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Oyster chronometer – the world's first waterproof watch.

More information on the nominees and projects can be found at the awards site here.