You Can Now 3D Print Artefacts From the British Museum

By Tom Pritchard on at

Have you ever wandered around a museum and wished that you could have some of the exhibits decorating your own house? Sure you could always go to the shop and buy a miniature version, but it isn't quite the same as having a 1:1 copy. Luckily the British Museum is letting people make their own replicas thanks to the magic of 3D printing.

Plans for 14 different models are now available through Sketchfab, and each one is based on an exhibit displayed within the museum's walls. Among them are a marble portrait of Julius Caesar, a marble bust of Zeus, a giant scarab beetle, and a Horus falcon statue.

While this might seem like a fairly limited selection given all the artefacts the British Museum has accumulated over the past 250+ years, there are plans to expand this collection in the future.

Of course you will actually need to get your hands on a 3D printer big enough to print everything off, but since they are getting cheaper all the time that shouldn't be that expensive. Relatively speaking that is. [Sketchfab via Engadget]