You Can Now Share an O2 Data Plan with Your Family

By Gerald Lynch on at

One family + many devices = one "Sharer Plan" household data package. That's O2's latest mobile contract push, allowing Mr and Mrs Smith to spread the love of their mobile data packages to little Suzie Smith Smith.

Following in the footsteps of similar family-sharing data packages from EE and Vodafone, anyone on an O2 Refresh Contract with more than 1GB of data a month can now share it with other devices and users. New contracts with data allowances between 1GB and 8GB a month can share it out between ten devices, with each additional SIM needed costing £15 a month (on top of a Sharer Plan fee, starting at £6 a month). Each SIM comes with unlimited texts and minutes too, so you can have a go at little Smithy Smith for using all your allowance up on a YouPorn binge. [O2]