BT Has a Fix for "Exchange-Only" Urban Fibre

By Gary Cutlack on at

BT's piloting a new form of fibre connection to solve a peculiar problem seen in some urban and rural areas -- that of the directly wired "exchange-only" connection that can't get fibre because there's no cabinet between the home and the exchange.

Exchange-only lines are limited to a maximum of 20Mbps using current broadband tech, much to the annoyance of people in some urban areas. BT's new solution is to offer a "fibre to the basement" option that installs hardware in a premises, then lets users connect to that at the magicalĀ 80Mbps maximum.

Obviously it's going to be limited to places with lots of willing signer-uppers and a landlord or business owner who's OK with BT installing a box with lots of lights on it under the stairs, but it's still one extra way the UK's fibre network can be patched together a bit better before comes to save the day. [BT]